Whether your purchasing a house, investment property or currently own, the onsite septic system is one of the most essential and costly parts of most properties. A proper septic system inspection, done by licensed evaluators is a smart way to protect your proposed or current investment.

We will work with your time frame and schedule and are usually available on short notice. Our inspections can last anywhere from 1 to 4 hours, so plan accordingly. 

At the end of our inspection will give you an overview of what we see and the health of the system. Your formal report will be ready for you within 24-48 hours, but most times the same day!  


What we inspect ONSITE, if present and within reasonable accessibility:

    -Inside Plumbing – If access is available, we run out video scope from the inside clean-out to the tank to check for breaks or crushed pipe

    -Site – (landscaping on or around system, odors, evidence of effluent breakout/leakage, activities on or around system) 

     -Septic Tank(s) – (inlet/outlet baffles, covers, risers, filters, condition of tank, solid levels, scum levels, evidence of backups) 

    -Pump Tank – (floats, condition of tank, alarm, pumps, evidence of backups) 

    -D-Box – (condition, levelness, outlet levels, flow equalizers adjustment, evidence of backups) 

    -Drain Field/Leech Field – We will first probe the whole area and look for any areas of concern – (black, anaerobic, soil, strong odors, wetness of underlaying soils, correct depth). Next if warranted will use a soil sampler and investigate further areas of concern – (evidence of ponding or high levels of effluent in the soils, correct depth of soils in system). 

What we inspect, in OFFICE:

  -Check online records for any and all information related to your septic system. If there is plans we will pull them and have them available for you and will include them in the report. In NH plans are available online from 2016 to present, prior to that only approval numbers, dates, designer, and installer information only. In VT  plans and documents are available from 2007 to presents, prior to that some records to exists, but not all.

  -Review footage in larger details:


Trust Vlk Septic Inspections™ to give you a full and honest inspection of your whole septic system.  We will identify any current or potential issues we see and help you best decide your next course of action. 


NH Septic System Evaluator License #132 

Call/Text anytime 603-236-1334 or email: jvlkseptic@gmail.com