Ever wonder where your whole septic system is?  Where you should or shouldn’t put that raised garden or where you shouldn’t drive.  Let us find your system and provided a birds-eye view sketch (digital and/or paper) so you can can have a piece of mind knowing where it is. 

We will come to your site and locate and identify the parts of your septic system in relation to your house and provided you a scaled drawing.  

What we will locate and show, if present 

    -House/Site – We will show the closest wall(s) of the house and where it comes out of the house and any driveways/landscaping/hardscaping within 20 feet of the system. 

    -Septic Tank(s) 

    -Pump Chamber(alarms and electrical lines) 


    -Drain Field/Leech Field – This will be an outline of the extent of the field and not the location of pipes or products inside the field

The drawing will be done in an easy to read and identify way, using the latest CAD software and can be provided in both digital and/or paper for your record keeping.


Call/Text anytime 603-236-1334 or email: jvlkseptic@gmail.com